Friday, May 16, 2008

No man left behind.

This is a good story that shows the loyalty and sacrifice it takes to be a member of our family.

Yesterday evening, we were having dinner and all of the sudden Rachel freaks out and frantically jumps out of her wheel chair, almost lands of her face yelling "my silky." (Let me remind you, we are about a week and a half out of a major hip surgery) She is hopping on her good leg freaking out and screaming "my silky." Her silky is a little pink blanket my mom made her when she was a baby. She swoops down and picks it us and was frantically trying to get back to her wheelchair. Come to find out, Rachel saw a tiny spider on the floor in the kitchen. Her silky was also on the floor. She made a slit second decision to save her loyal friend. Thanks to Rachel, the threat was removed and we suffered no casualties.


Ruth said...

lets only hope that she would have done the same thing for you Russ

Russ and Dana... said...

I don't think she would have noticed me on the ground...Plus, I am pretty much expendable around here.