Thursday, May 29, 2008


This post is for my good husband Russ. This countertop grill is dear to our hearts and is the source of an ongoing joke in our marriage. Last summer (yes, almost a year ago) we had a BBQ on our back porch. We had people over, our big grill was full of delectable meat, and Russ decided to use this small grill as well for some chicken. Well, as we were doing dishes that night, I asked Russ if he could help clean the grills. He did the big one outside and said he would clean this small one before bed. It was a "No, no, I got it Gracie" moment ("Return to Me") in it's finest. So, every so often, he'd say he'd clean it, and it was left at that. Now, because he said he would, I decided to let it go and just let him get to it when he could:). Well, about December, Russ decided he wanted to use our little countertop grill and asked where it was. I kindly took him to the back porch and showed him the bump in our 1 1/2 feet of snow. He dug it out, cleaned it, used it that night, soaked it in the sink, and promised, again, that he would clean it tomorrow:). So, today is May 29th and here it sits on Russ' desk in his office. It has become an icon and a permanent fixture in his office. For any "Everybody Loves Raymond" fans, this is our "suitcase on the stairs." Occasionally when the office gets cleaned it will make it to the counter or sink, and after a few days, it finds it's way home to Russ' office again. Isn't it nice to have a steady comfort item like this that you know will always be a constant in your life? So, here she sits, awaiting the day when she might get cleaned and put away. But honestly, I don't even remember where in the cupboard it belongs.


Gooches said...

That's funny!

Evans Chaos said...

Dana, what a fun story. It's your cousin Jen. Got your blog name from your mom when she came to Utah this past weekend. I can't wait to read all your stories and see the pictures you've posted. Hope to see you sometime soon. Love ya, Jen Evans. (

Russ and Dana... said...

Jen, thanks for your blog address! I'm excited to catch up on my cousin's life! Hopefully we'll get to play with all of your family at Lagoon in August!