Thursday, May 7, 2009

He's Finally Here.

We finally have Josh home... We are so happy he is safe, healthy, and part of our family.


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More Josh and the Fam.

The kids were dying to hold Josh. We had to be super careful because just a few days before Josh was born, a nasty case of pink eye was spread around with the kids, and we didn't want Josh to catch it. Anyway, the kids can't get enough of Josh right now. We are loving having Josh home.


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Joshua Dillon Jones

Here is the newest Jones boy. He is a good man. He had some issues during pregnancy and we were worried about him. But, he made it to our family safe and sound thanks to a lot of prayers and a good strong mommy.
When born, he was 6 pounds 14 ounces. He was 19.25 inches long. Because of the small issue with his umbilical cord, he is much smaller than all of our other babies. All the other kids were near 9 pounds.
Josh is doing great and we are happy to have him home and part of the family.


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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hello, I am really sorry...again...again...

Hey, sorry for the no show for the last...say...four months. It was Dana's fault. I was pretty much relieved of duty when the last hiatus happened. But, I have now resumed control and all will be well...for a short while.

We have a ton of pics from Thanksgiving and Christmas. I will post them shortly. We went down to Pinetop, AZ for Thanksgiving and stayed here in McCall for Christmas. Both were a blast and we were sad to leave family or have family leave us.

Life has been fair to us. We cannot complain. We now know that we are having anther boy. Just in case you don't know...that makes FOUR Jones boys. It also makes three in a row with our Lovely Cody as the ring leader. It just means more bruises, bloody noses, fat lips, Thomas the Tank Engine, Cars, wrestling... Poor Rachel and Dana. (well poor Dana, Rachel does pretty well handling her own business with the boys)

We couldn't feel more blessed with our family. I can say with a full heart that my little family means more to me than anything on this earth. I thank my Heavenly Father every night for each of them and how they bless my life. Chapters in our lives open and close, but our little ones have made the book pretty good so far.

Bretts First Hair Cut

He obviously doesn't have the thickest hair, but he was getting a mullet. I also realize that most kids need hair cuts around a year or less, but this man and all of our kids get them at about 18-20 months.

Also, side note, I am not a bad father... The reason he has a booger infested nose is that he is cutting in his molars and his nose is a limitless fountain of snot. I kid you not, we would clean out his nose 30 times a day. His nose was so sensitive that we just started letting it go instead of the bloody-tear filled battles. We are now past that and his nose it nice and clean, but in these pics, his nose is nasty. I now realize that it would have been nice to clean it before the fancy pictures, but we didn't... So, sorry.


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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hello Again World!

It's been a while since I've blogged, but I have a good excuse...WE'RE EXPECTING BABY NUMBER 5!!! I didn't have the best first trimester, so blogging went bye-bye. But, in true Jones fashion, we again have waited a few months and now blogged with a gi-normous amount of pics. Hopefully we can keep up on it now.

P.S. We got our first snow today-a nice whiteout storm with some good inches on the ground. We actually made it through Halloween this year with no snow! Trick-or-treating was pleasant and now I'm actually excited for the goods!


The coolest Scooby-Doo...

The cutest Strawberry Shortcake you've ever seen...

The craziest Ninja Turtle...

And the saddest pumpkin...

Russ was Thomas the Train and wore that to every house we trick or treated. We went with a bunch of families in our ward, and Russ kept attacking the kids and sticking it over their heads...Always good times with Russ...

I sported the pumpkin this year with Brett so he'd have a little moral support...

Carving pumpkins...the kids were not fans of taking out the seeds this year-notice Brock's face...He couldn't even muster up a smile for the camera...