Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bretts First Hair Cut

He obviously doesn't have the thickest hair, but he was getting a mullet. I also realize that most kids need hair cuts around a year or less, but this man and all of our kids get them at about 18-20 months.

Also, side note, I am not a bad father... The reason he has a booger infested nose is that he is cutting in his molars and his nose is a limitless fountain of snot. I kid you not, we would clean out his nose 30 times a day. His nose was so sensitive that we just started letting it go instead of the bloody-tear filled battles. We are now past that and his nose it nice and clean, but in these pics, his nose is nasty. I now realize that it would have been nice to clean it before the fancy pictures, but we didn't... So, sorry.


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Jones Family said...

I say let the mullet roll.... All business in front ALL party in back!

Ruth said...

there are places in this country where it is still cool to have one

Russ Jones said...

Dan...that is funny. I will be using that one in future mullet discussions.

Dan and Phyllis Jones said...

Your brother should have been a comedian. He's really funny. That little guy is precious.he looks cute with his hair long or short.