Friday, July 18, 2008

Computer Games

So this is the view I see every day after Russ gets home from work. The kids beg him to play computer games with them. Right now the excitement is for Need For Speed 3. These boys are definitely like their Dad...

Here's Russ playing X-Box with his Dad and brother...On vacations Russ and Dan usually play this or Wii until the wee hours of the morning. This is a view of the future of Russ and his boys. Good times had by all...

Sunrise, Sunset

I can't believe how old our kids are getting. Time goes so fast. We're pretty grateful for our good kids.

The Moon

Russ wanted me to explain why we changed our background on our blog. I have always been fascinated with astronomy and the moon and it's always been at the top of my "happy list." Lately I've been excited to talk to my kids about the phases of the moon throughout the month. Well, Brock is pretty smart and loves studying space. A few weeks ago I went in to his bedroom one night and said "Brock, the moon is so bright tonight, have you seen it?" He was reading a book in bed and said "yeah Mom, I saw it." I, trying to show a little knowledge and impress my kid said "But do you know what phase it's in?" He seemed a little annoyed because I was interrupting the reading of his Magic Tree House book, glanced over at me with a sigh and said "of course Mom, it's a first quarter." Huh. I like my kid.

The Kid Magnet

I have probably 30 pictures just like this from the years I have been married to Russ. This was at Blake's b-day party this week. No matter where we are, if there are kids there, this is what's going on. Everyone loves Russ!

This is just some cuteness of our Brett.

"We got Cows!"

Actually, we got sheep!(That movie quote is from "Twister" in case you're wondering). It's that time of year again. We have our windows open all night, and in the early morning when we're sleeping we awake to the sounds of hundreds of bleating sheep! Not the most pleasant sound. As they move the sheep in the summer, they take them through our big meadow where we live. This goes on for a few weeks in the summer. Our kids think it's awesome, but I'd personally like to sleep in a bit more...

Russ' New Passion...

Logs!!! He's been working on my Dad's house for the last year and has developed a new talent with logs. They've milled all of their own logs for the house. They get to cut and mill and treat the wood. They've done all the logs you see here on the inside of the house and the half logs for the siding outside. He loves it!


We had a fun 4th of July in McCall. We went out to this gorgeous lake that is on the land of some friend's of ours. Happy and quiet and private from the throngs of people that come to McCall for the 4th. We played on the lake-canoes and rafts and kayaks, and played on the beach and enjoyed the beautiful place where we live.

Our sweet Grandma Great Belnap and Grandpa Great Dillon enjoying the day.

Girls just being cute girls...

And...boys just being boys...all you need is swords and dirt...

Notice how much the kids are enjoying this by covering their ears!

Some injuries...Rachel fell off her bike and Cody tripped and slammed his head on the pavement. Also, Cody had a scary choking episode with a gummy worm and Brett fell all the way down Grandma's stairs. Yikes. We kept a close eye on Brock for the rest of the day because we figured he was next!

Russ and Joe's serious handstand contest

Watching the fireworks from Amy & Joe's boat on the lake. Downtown McCall is built next to the massive & beautiful Payette Lake. For the fireworks, they pull a huge barge to the center of the lake and let them off there. Good times...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This one's for you momma Jones. I was going to be mean to get even for your post,,, but I decided not to...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Downtown McCall-Notice Rachel's pink purse. She can't go anywhere without that thing!

Dana was one of the girl's camp directors and I got to go up for Bishop's night. This place is about 15 minutes from our house and is just awesome.


The day after Rachel's cast came off we got to head to the beach in town. She was a happy girl. And after our horribly long winter, we were reminded once again why we live here--it's so beautiful!!!