Friday, July 18, 2008

The Moon

Russ wanted me to explain why we changed our background on our blog. I have always been fascinated with astronomy and the moon and it's always been at the top of my "happy list." Lately I've been excited to talk to my kids about the phases of the moon throughout the month. Well, Brock is pretty smart and loves studying space. A few weeks ago I went in to his bedroom one night and said "Brock, the moon is so bright tonight, have you seen it?" He was reading a book in bed and said "yeah Mom, I saw it." I, trying to show a little knowledge and impress my kid said "But do you know what phase it's in?" He seemed a little annoyed because I was interrupting the reading of his Magic Tree House book, glanced over at me with a sigh and said "of course Mom, it's a first quarter." Huh. I like my kid.


JakenDebbie said...

Ah Dana. I had almost forgotten about your love for the moon and my love for the stars! I miss seeing GOOD stars...I bet you have a pretty good view up there!! We are hoping to go camping before school starts...I don't think my kids have ever REALLY seen the stars.

And I love Brock's reactions. What an awesome kid. :)

Melissa Bosen said...

You are one of the most inspiring mother's I know. You inspire me without making me feel do you do that? :)