Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Brock and Rach played tee-ball this summer together. Brock loves baseball and did awesome this year. It was about 3 weeks after Rachel got her cast off. She has had a particularly hard time since the surgery with new things and being involved. She would play in the outfield if Russ stood with her, and she wouldn't even try batting the first few games. So, the third game she decided to bat and smashed it off the tee. She ran her little heart out, sort of limping and lumbering around the bases. Every time she got to a base she'd jump on it with both feet and give me a big thumbs up. The first time I saw her cross home plate I just sheered and cried at how well she did when it was hard for her. My brave little girl making baby made me appreciate the simple things we take for granted like seeing a kid run the bases...

Brett watching Daddy base coach. Cody was always somewhere off with friends on the playground.

This was all Brock's idea. He told me we had to have "last day of tee-ball pancakes" and he told me how to make them. I love this kid!


Jared Autrey said...

The phantom is DEFINITELY a picture to add to my collection!