Saturday, April 26, 2008

This is awesome....!!!

You Cannot tell me this is not one of the best pictures you have ever seen. Cody gets dressed in the morning and does his own hair. For some reason, it usually resembles a mow hawk. Anyway, he was digging in the pantry when he was told not to, and I got this picture right as he turned around. This is one of my favorites.


Ruth said...

i think it is great. we just buzzed david's hair and now he reminds us of brock when we lived by y'all

Justin said...

that is an awesome picture. sorry i didn't make it up there last week. i think i may have looked just like cody while i was waiting for my trailer to be fixed. peace out.

Jessica Autrey said...

Holy cow, I can't believe how big that kid is! Cody is turning into a little man. Tell him I like his faux-hawk. Selah has been talking about your kids lately because one of her new friends is named Rachel. She is used to hearing that name with Brock, Cody, and Brett. You guys have some pretty awesome little people.