Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Joys of Going to School in McCall

Here's some things that I never got to enjoy going to school in the good old Phoenix Valley...

1. This is how Brock looks going to school every day from about November to March.
2. They plow a monstrous snow hill on the playground for recess. They have tons of school sleds for recess equipment.
3. Brock wears his snowpants and boots all day (except for P.E.) because you have to have them on to play on the snowhill at recess.
4. He keeps his only pair of tennis shoes at school because he only wears them for P.E. (he wears his snow boots everywhere else).
5. For P.E., they go snow-shoeing.
6. They have buses from the school to the ski hills after school. Hopefully Brock can take lessons next year. He gets to go sometimes with Russ and has his own pair of skis and LOVES it! The high school has ski days occasionally where they actually take roll, load the buses and ski for the day. How come we never got "lake days" in AZ!?
7. If it's 10 degrees or less, they have to have indoor recess. Lots of indoor recess a few months of the winter. Last year taking Brock to school he looked at the degrees in our car-25 degrees. He said, knowing he could play outside for recess, "25 degrees! That's totally warm!" What?!


Justin said...

it is about 80 right now. i think i might go golfing in a minute or two. i don't have to wear any pants at all it is so warm. i would wear shorts though (sorry ladies). i am so vulgar. i do wish i could go sledding though. i almost have to turn on the AC now. wohoo for summer!!

Melissa Bosen said...

The house gets to 78 degrees during the day, which I can handle. But I turn on the AC at night to cool it to 68 degrees so I can actually SLEEP!! Crazy that we're so different!

Gooches said...

The weather is perfect right now. Like Justin said it is almost time to turn on the AC. I'm sorry you and Amy have to live in the snow but the summers are probably pretty nice?

Angie said...

Hi! Susan shared your blog with me. It's fun to see what you and your family are up to. We're now in sunny AZ and missing the snow - a little bit anyway :)
We miss you tons and hope you are all doing well!

Ruth said...

capris and flip flops for us already-- i pulled out bathing suits last week to see who still had some that fit and who needed a new one. i already bought one for david.

Kari & Justin said...

That looks like such fun! I agree, how come we didn't get a "lake day?" Now, that would've been fun times huh? Cute pictures!!

Gabe & Melanie Rojas said...

You don't remember a lake day? I think I created a few of my own days!! Never thought I would be sending my kids in snowboots to school either but we have several times this winter in Utah. Not as crazy as where you are in Idaho. I think we're a good mix in between your guys weather and back home in AZ. A nice middle ground. Never thought I would admit to liking it here in Utah. Crazy huh!