Sunday, December 2, 2007

Holy Snow...!!!

So today was the first real snow storm. We have had a few in the last month or so, but today was the first real one. And, it was a real one.

As some of you know, we are driving down to AZ for Christmas. And, for the winter we use studded snow tires for our minivan so Dana doesn't run into any trees or stuff like that. Well, I really wanted to wait until we got back from Arizona to put on the snow tires because I would feel pretty stupid running around the valley down there with the clacking of the studs on the nice warm pavement. But, Dana, inspired as she is, demanded that we put on the snow tires and so we did. And I am sure glad we did.

The snow started at about 9 am this morning. Our church is at 1 but I had a meeting at noon so we left at about 11:45. In the nearly three hours of snow and drifts (because the wind was really blowing), at lease 9 0r 10 inches had accumulated. The snow plow had not been to our little road and when we left for church there was so much snow that our poor, pansy little minivan was plowing the snow with our front bumper. I am glad we put on the snow tires.


Keeping Up With The Jones' said...

That's crazy russ. I think it dipped in to the 60's here!!! I had to break out a light jacket to keep the chill off!

Justin said...

i can't believe it. i actually had to wear pants ths week. it was under 50 this morning at 4:30 when i left for work. i almost shivered.

Jen said...

Just don't let it interfere with your trip down here ok. Thanks.

Russ and Dana Jones said...
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