Tuesday, October 2, 2007

This is our annual trip to the Lagoon in Utah that we took in August. This is the fourth year we've gone and our kids look forward to it all year. The day after we got home they started asking again when we're going to go back. We usually go with Dana's sister and family (Amy and Joe). Last year my parents and sister Erin came but this year they couldn't. This year Dana's parents came and we stayed with them in their sweet 5th Wheel at the camp ground (that was nice..better than tenting it like we usually do). This year Cody got to ride the "bigger" little kid rides with Brock and Rachel (and loved it), and Brock was tall enough to ride the adult White Roller Coaster with Mom and Dad (and had the bejeezers scared out of him). The music machine was the ride of choice this year for the kids... For Dana and me, it was the new sweet roller coaster called "Wicked," it was freaking awesome. The kids were so excited it was Brett's first year to go. We love family vacations!

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phyllis Jones said...

Dear Russ. I loved the blog. Thank you so much for doing it. Somehow it makes you not so far away.Love Ya!
P.S. You are not chubby