Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cody and Brett

Another thing I love about school starting is that I get to play more with my two youngest. These boys have loved playing together and always just make life more fun! Here's a few pics of these boys I love!

First Day of School

I officially have 2 kids in school! Brock is in 2nd grade and Rachel started kindergarten. They are both loving it. For some reason it seemed harder sending my second child to kindergarten than it was my first. I hope that pattern doesn't continue...Maybe it's because it's my little girl. I love my boys, but there's something different about a girl. Mommy was definitely ready for school to start! Happy to be back to a routine and schedule, homework, piano, helping in their classes, and all the crazy running and going that happens. I do love being a Mom!

First Day of School Pancakes

We started this tradition last year. On the first day of school the kids get a stack of pancakes with the number of pancakes for the grade they are in. So, Brock has 2 for 2nd grade, Rachel has one for kindergarten, and Cody has one with a C on it because he's cool...Brock loves it and can't wait to be a senior so he can have 12 pancakes!

The end of the cottage sacrament meetings...

During this summer, our church building in town was being added onto, so our ward had what is called "cottage sacrament meetings." Since the closest building in our stake is an hour away, (unlike where we grew up in AZ) we had four homes in our ward where sacrament meeting was held every week, and the bishopric members would rotate presiding in each home. That was the only meeting we would have each week. There were some amazing things I learned this summer, like the importance of the sacrament. That was our complete focus every week, not the craziness of getting lessons prepared and rushing off to our other block meetings. It was set in such an intimate and personal setting that it was just a beautiful thing to feel the spirit in someone's home. The first week we didn't have a white cloth to cover the sacrament where Russ was presiding so we used our baby blessing blanket. Just unique experiences that we have gotten living here this summer.

Yet, I think the most important thing that has happened in my life is the testimony I have gained of the church auxiliaries. Without having sunday school, relief society, priesthood, young women, & primary, we, as a ward, all felt sort of...lost. Without our other meetings, it's like I didn't feel needed, didn't have friendships strengthened, didn't see a lot of people in the ward for long periods of time, I didn't feel the spirit as much, etc. I've always known our auxiliaries have come from the Lord and that the Prophet and apostles and general boards have things set up for the programs that we need. That being said, I still had never been without them in my life, and I felt such a void without it. This Sunday we are finally able to go back to our church building and have all of our block meetings. Our whole ward is looking forward to coming together again as a ward family and are excited about having a normal 3 hour block again. How grateful I am that this is the Lord's church and every detail of it is exactly what we need in our lives to keep our testimonies growing and to become who we need to be.

The End of Summer

Labor Day was the last day before school started, so we decided to have a fun family day. We went to breakfast at our beloved Pancake House and went to the hot springs in town. Yes, the HOT springs, not just swimming, because it was a pleasant 50 degrees that day...The week after school got out this year, we had a freak June snowfall, and this past weekend before school started, we had freezing weather and a little snow. Nice summer, eh? Where do I live? Thank goodness we LOVE it here!

Slumber Party!!

Last week my parents moved into their new home that Russ has been building with my Dad this last year. So, we had a huge family slumber party with our family and the Napiers. The kids were in heaven with sleeping bags everywhere in the basement, and adults stayed up late playing games. It was like we were on vacation in town. So fun!

Happy Quotes

"Walk by faith. The Lord will open a way. Even when there is no way, He will open a way. I am satisfied of that." Gordon B. Hinckley

"Be prayerful. Call on the Lord in faith and He will hear your prayers. He loves you. He wishes to bless you. He will do so if you live worthy of His blessing." Gordon B. Hinckley

Movie Quote:
This week we were at the hot springs and Cody saw this parrot which was looking off to the side and Cody yelled "His head fell off!!!" It looked like that from his point of view. So, in honor of my son we'll throw out a few from this classic...

"Our pets heads are falling off!!"
"I just thought he was quiet..."