Thursday, November 15, 2007

Okay, this is Dana...I got tagged like a month ago, and Russ always does the blog, so...I thought I'd finally try to do goes :)

Five things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Started my 2nd year of college at EAC.
2. Was the student body secretary at EA.
3. Was in all the choirs at EA-(large group choir, show choir, girl's quartet)
4. Was living in a freaking fun filled college trailer park-Trailer #4-"The Lodge" with Steph, Nicki, Tia, and Kia, and others that would come and go. Yes, I was trailer trash, and it was COOL:). True story-you gotta love it.
5. Was going on about 2 hrs of sleep every night, eating at Jerry's and The Roost, teaching Relief Society, driving Whitey, laughing with my roommies all hours of the day and night, and enjoying life...good times!

5 Things on my "To Do List" today:
1. Clean out my garage. (I'm obssessed lately with de-junking and organizing!)
2. Preschool with Rachel.
3. Practice my songs for the community choir I'm singing in.
4. Go through all the family's snow gear-yes, we already have snow...(for all my AZ friends enjoying their good weather).
5. Get Russ to update the blog:).

5 Things I would do if I were a millionaire: (This is what I would do if I had all this money today...)
1. Send anonymous checks to people who are struggling.
2. Go to the dentist and say "Keep me here until you do everything I've been putting off" :)
3. I'd always eat out with Russ at good, expensive restaurants. I love good food!
4. I'd go out and buy our complete year supply all in one shot.
5. Buy a new mattress-my back's been hurting lately.
(Huge things, huh:)...I can't think too much right now.

5 Things I will never wear again
1. Tapered/pegged pants. I know some are in style now, but seriously, some people have hips and i don't like to look like a pear :)
2. Spandex (yikes!)-especially the ones with the neon colors down the side.
3. Ji-normous bangs with gobs of hairspray.
4. Units belts-especially turquoise and pink and peach colored accessories!
5. Huge puffy sleeves on dresses. (usually major flower printed dresses)

My Favorite Toys
(have no idea, so I'm changing it to 5 things I like to do the most right now)
1. Read my Jane Austen books.
2. De-junk and take stuff to the thrift store.
3. Scrapbook.
4. Laugh at Russ (he's seriously the funniest dude I know!)
5. Play "Go Fish" and "Memory" with my kids-they have to play at least 50 times a day!

5 People to Tag (sorry if you've already done this...)
1. Jen & Dave
2. Dan & Machelle
3. Amy & Joe
4. Katie & Donovan (Just saw your cute blog)
5. Debbie & Jake