Monday, June 2, 2008


Just wanted to put up a post for our stud Brock. This is in front of the Spokane Temple. This kid never ceases to amaze us with what a good heart he has. He is constantly helping out. The other day during a crazy morning getting ready for school, he, without being asked, went and got Rachel's wheelchair, her pillows for her wheelchair, helped get her out of bed into her wheelchair, and brought her to breakfast. He has many moments like this every day. He has been unbelievable since Rachel's surgery and we just love this kid so much! Yesterday he wrote his talk for Primary on the temple and took some things out of a family home evening we had. This was his talk:

"I love to see the temple. This is how I'm preparing to go to the temple. Saying my prayers and serving others. Before you go to the temple you get a recommend. This means you get to go inside the temple. The Bishop and Stake President ask you questions like are you honest, do you go to your church meetings, and do you believe the Prophet has all the Priesthood keys on the earth. I'm doing all those things right now because I want to follow the Prophet to go to the temple. I'm preparing to go to the Twin Falls temple open house in July. I love to go to church and I love the Prophet. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."
We sure love our 6 year old and we're so grateful he's our son.


Justin said...

very nice. aren't you glad you married dana? your kids will all be very good people thanks to her. you might have alittle to do with it too.

did you know heath lindsey is the bishop of my parents ward? what is with you guys?

Jessica Autrey said...

I love your kids! I hope I can teach my kids the things you're teaching yours.

Brielle said...

I loved reading the story about Brock helping Rachel in her wheelchair and then to breakfast. It is times like that, that you feel rewarded as a parent for what you try to teach your children. What a good kid.
Also Dana thanks for helping with my girls today. I heard Aspen really liked you. :)

Nichole Jolene said...

hey neighbor~when the tf temple outing? we're going aug 7th